MoonSmart #BSC #Defi
Let's go to the Moon in a Smart way

What is MoonSmart?

MoonSmart © is a DeFi launchpad project, which assist a novel DeFi token launching their product to the community. Our aim is to make $SMART token become a new high value one by using smart and well prepared strategies. This is reflected in our slogan: "Let's go to the Moon in a Smart way".

What makes MoonSmart © unique?

Currently, a variety of new Defi project has been created on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with the assistance of BINANCE LAUNCHPAD project. This shade more light on the as created project and launched token, bringing the trust from the Crytoholic (Crypto investor). It is obvious that the “Centralised LaunchPad” is an superb successful Crypto-incubator platform; however, there are so many limitation to participate in this CZ launchpad program e.g., project size, direction, especially initial funding investment. This is such a limit for the development of the DeFi project, which may limit a significant growth in the DeFi.
We (the MoonSmart © creators) do understand this issue; thus, we have created a platform using the idea of centralised launch (BSC launchpad) coupled with the real DeFi world. Hence, we have then created the DeFi launchpad for a novel and unique DeFi token/project, helping the creator promote their project in the DeFi world.
“Everyone can promote your own idea as well as token on MoonSmart”
Decentralized Token Launch Platform MoonSmart © could bring a high yield investment for the investors and the new selected high potentially growth tokens. The MoonSmart © will provide many more features such as Airdrop, Snapshot/verify and so on for MoonSmart © holder to earn IFO, ICO token. This means holding MoonSmart © would earn million more benefits than just a capital gain. Clearly, these token mechanism would shining MoonSmart © and spot us in the middle of the perspective of highly yield investor likewise Safemoon’s model. Unlike Safemoon, we do provide a high quality platform DeFi launchpad.
“Holding MoonSmart ©, and participate to the launch project, earning new token”
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