Special features that make our token $SMART

🔒No rugpull

75% of pre-sale BNB will be add to liquidity and locked by DxSale for 6 months so you don't have to worry about rugpull!

📉 Smart Dump Prevention Mechanism:

Everyone fear of dumping, and so do we. In order to prevent the MoonSmart token from dumping, we’ve employed several methods:
  • Daily burn: 5% of total token will be burned daily in the first 7 days after launched
  • Dev token will be locked for 15 days in DxSale Locker
  • Presale holder dumping prevention: After pre-sale has ended, only 10% of presale token are transferred to pre-sale holder. The rest will be locked on DxSale Locker and can only be unlocked under specific criteria.
Unlocking criteria:
  • 50% will be released base on time (time-locked tokens): we release 10% everyday in the next 5 consecutive days after presale has ended
  • 40% will be released base on total number of holders (holder-locked tokens): we release 10% after each target reached: 1000/3000/6000/10000 holders
By using these methods, we can prevent dev dump and slow down pre-sale dump.
Last modified 8mo ago